Most owners who purchase a Mercedes-Benz do so because they love the car line. They enjoy the comfort, appreciate the safety, and admire the styling. If you love your German vehicle that much, show it. How? By adhering to sound maintenance practices. When you take great care of your Mercedes-Benz, it’s likely to hold its value better and work well for a long time. For help with preventive services and all your Mercedes-Benz repair needs, count on the experts at German Auto Repair in Watertown, CT.

A Solid Maintenance Plan for Your German Auto

This particular automaker not only provides recommendations for the various needed service points, but the manufacturer also packages those into periodic scheduled maintenance menus called Service A and Service B. “A” should occur at the 10,000 mile or one year mark (the first of these you reach). It covers points such as oil and filter change, a tire pressure check/adjustment, fluid monitoring/top off, and brake inspection. After 20,000 miles, your car will need “B.” The prior service points are repeated, and other needs such as brake fluid change and cabin/dust filter replacement are attended to, as well. After either of these, the auto’s maintenance counter is reset.

Clearly, these routine visits are important and allow the opportunity for a certified mechanic to give your prized Mercedes-Benz the once over. However, there are also other tips you can follow yourself to help keep your car in its prime. For example, since most drivers tend to hold onto their German imports for a long time, you’ll want to keep the body and interior well maintained. This involves keeping the components inside the passenger cabin cleaned and dusted. You should also use leather conditioner to keep the seats moisturized so they won’t crack. It’s also a good idea to use a fabric protector to prevent stains on carpets and other cloth surfaces, particularly if you eat and drink in your vehicle. Outside, keep your car clean. This will help it stay free of corrosive elements. Use a good wax with UV protection to protect the paint. If you discover a tiny paint chip, touch that up before it has time to spread to surrounding paint or rust. Between service visits, keep an eye on common issues, bringing your automobile in sooner than planned if the situation warrants. Look for excessive or uneven tire wear, any visible body issues, and leaks. Also, keep a check on fluids and tire pressures.

Your Local Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Partner

When you’re ready for preventive maintenance services or repairs, German Auto Repair is your local dealership alternative for Mercedes-Benz care. We’ve been helping our neighbors keep their prized autos up to par since 2013. You can feel good about our work, knowing that we use high quality BG products and that we’re affiliated with the TechNet auto service network.