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At German Auto Repair, we want to make sure your Audi vehicle is always provided with the quality service and care it deserves. Like other luxury vehicles, an Audi needs a specialist to achieve the best results. What it needs is state-of-the-art equipment, OEM parts, and knowledgeable professionals who are familiar with the manufacturer to use them. At our shop in Watertown, Connecticut, we can provide exactly that. We make sure your Audi is provided with the dealership level service it needs so you can continue to experience quality performance for years to come.

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How We’re Different

At our facility, we like to think our approach to Audi repair and maintenance is a little different. We don’t just service these vehicles; we take the time to learn about them. You come to us for specialized Audi care, and we want to make sure you get just that. Here are just a few reasons why we’re different:

Qualified Professionals

When you come to us for service, you don’t just expect high-quality technicians. You’re looking for qualified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to service an Audi vehicle properly. Fortunately for you, our shop is home to some of the top Audi service professionals in the industry. Our ASE Certified techs carry extensive experience servicing a wide variety of Audi makes, models, and ages. But along with that, they work hard to continue their education in the industry and manufacturer, as they always stay up-to-date on industry updated and best practices. Know that your Audi is in good hands when you visit us for service.

Approved Parts and Equipment

For your Audi to perform at its best, it can’t utilize common parts and systems. Using this type of equipment can compromise the performance of your vehicle long-term. For you to enjoy the performance benefits your Audi can provide you, it must utilize equipment and parts sourced from the manufacturer. At our facility, we come equipped with OEM parts and state-of-the-art equipment approved by Audi. You’ll never have to worry about a poor part or faulty system compromising your vehicle, as we make sure only the best is ever installed.

Visit Our Facility

Whether you require major repairs or simple maintenance, know that the team at German Auto Repair is well-equipped to handle any service your Audi vehicle may need. Our shop in Watertown, Connecticut, is home to experts who are well versed in repairing and maintaining Audi vehicles. They’ll also have access to state-of-the-art equipment and OEM parts to ensure the performance of your Audi is never compromised by a faulty part or poor performing system. By the end of your visit, we guarantee that you’ll be driving the best version of your Audi vehicle.

Are you looking to schedule an appointment? Utilize our convenient online scheduling system or give us a call at (860) 274-2459 and chat with our service advisors. They’ll be more than happy to help you. Want to pass by our shop and chat in person? Feel free to visit us on 320 Sylvan Lake Road, near Sylvan Lake Park, right off Frost Bridge Road. We’d love to learn more about you and your Audi vehicle!