Supreme Services in Watertown, CT

High Standards Is All We Have

German Auto Repair LLC is here to have you and your German manufactured vehicle back on the road safely. Here we specialize in giving German-made vehicles superior services. Quality is everything to us and we believe it is necessary to build trust with our community. The highly trained individuals we have at our facility are experts in their field and are waiting for you to bring your car in. Whether you need a simple service such as an oil change or tire alignment or something more complex such as an electrical issue, the professionals we have here are top grade and more than capable to get the job done. Our clean facility is equipped with four highly qualified technicians and six automotive bays. It is here in our shop where you can find a helping hand when you are in a rut. Come to see us today and get your car checked by one of our professionals. We go the extra mile if you are ever in an car accident. We oversee all body repairs and even handle your car insurance for you. Your car will receive the best treatment possible because we strive for the best. We take care of a variety of vehicles and it is common that vehicles we care for reach the 300k mile marker. We owe this to our ability to provide expert recommendations and comprehensive service plans. We have the ability to do everything from performance tuning for BMW as a dealer for ESS tuning (we do all work in-house) to being able to change the coding for your Audi. We feel so confident in our work that we provide a variety of warranties. Come to see what quality auto servicing looks like today!

When you come to see us you’ll be more than amazed by the service we provide. The waiting room is equipped with coffee, water, snacks and even free Wi-Fi. We have a variety of services to help you get back on the road peacefully. The last thing we want to see is our customers arriving on a tow truck, this is why we take extra time to inspect your vehicle properly and with the most care. We take what we do very seriously and want to do the most to prevent any unneccesary issues for our customers. We offer a free shuttle service, loaner vehicles, and after hour pick-ups/drop-offs. We do this all because we understand how troublesome car servicing can get. We also know that not everyone is prepared for that serious breakdown that seemed to come out of nowhere. It’s for this reason that we offer financing for those wanting to receive professional services but do not currently have the budget for it. We have all the factory scan tools for the cars we work on with subscriptions to all the dealer repair information. We can do coding and software updates on BMW and Mercedes. We are also one of four licensed LSID members in CT, which means we can do theft-relevant repairs that the dealer tells you can only be done in-house. These are all efforts we do to get you the service you require. Give us a call today at (860)-274-2459 to receive superior automotive services. Our shop here at 320 Sylvan Lake Road Watertown, CT 06779 is sure to have you amazed. We mean it when we say that our work is high quality and done by trained professionals, experience it yourself!