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Luxury cars deserve luxury care, and that’s why German Auto Repair takes into consideration the elements your car is exposed to when in our care. Your automobile is an investment, and we want you to entrust our auto repair shop with your car. We ensure it’s treated like it belongs to royalty. German Auto Repair offers year-round climate-controlled car storage, so it is under lock and key when your vehicle is in our possession. Our facility is heated in the winter and air-conditioned in the summer to ensure your car isn’t exposed to inclement weather, unwelcome guests, or outdoor ailments. Your car is professionally monitored, inspected, and looked after daily. When your vehicle is at German Auto Repair, rest easy knowing your prized possession is fully secure indoors and not accessible to the public. Power is also available for battery tenders, so your car is ready when you are.

A Great Option

At German Auto Repair, our vehicle storage is a great option that you can take advantage of for all your car storage needs, month to month. Are you wondering what to do with that second or third car that won’t fit in your garage? Our indoor, climate-controlled facility houses your vehicle all year round. The rented space is safe, secure, and fully insured. We provide state-of-the-art alarm technology to ensure vehicles are always safe while being stored. Our storage facility offers options to help you store your vehicle safely and in a stable atmosphere, where it’s not subject to the outdoor elements. Customers should contact us, German Auto Repair, at (860) 274-2459 for pricing and details. Our battery tenders for EV customers are just the icing on the cake.

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Safe and Secure

An auto facility is typically measured by the quality of its repairs and the honesty in its work. If you leave your car at our shop, we don't want you to worry about its safety or its condition. At German Auto Repair, our climate-controlled storage facility keeps your vehicle hidden from potential intruders and out of the way of harmful conditions. Wonder why it's climate-controlled? For starters, because we think your car deserves it. Weather can affect your car almost as much as wear and tear from the road. We want to make sure your car is stored at an optimal temperature at all times and it stays safe and secure.

German Auto Repair — Luxury Storage for Your Car

As a family-owned and operated business, we believe each person that walks through our doors should get the same level of care and attention as the next. Because we want to build and maintain that trust, we make sure you're getting advice that serves you and your car's best interests. In addition to using the best tools and parts on the market, we offer a climate-controlled storage facility so your car will stay safe and sound until you're ready to take it back on the road. It's just as important to know how our shop takes care of its customers' vehicles while they're in our care. Stop by our facility at 320 Sylvan Lake Rd , Watertown, CT 06779, use our online scheduling tool, or give us a call at (860) 274-2459.