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Nobody likes repair bills. Nobody. Not even people who can afford luxury cars. So how can you avoid them? The simple answer is maintenance. This is particularly important if you drive an import. Imports are known for high quality, and many are favorites for owners who enjoy luxury and performance. However, repair bills can be quite expensive for some models. While every vehicle eventually needs repairs, a well-maintained automobile will run longer and need costly parts and service less often. Further, parts for some imports are difficult to find on your own, and dealership service departments are notoriously pricey. German Auto Repair in Watertown, Connecticut, is your dealership alternative. As our name indicates, we can certainly repair your car for you, but we take preventive maintenance that extends the life of your ride and prevents a number of expensive repairs equally serious.

The True Cost of Failing to Maintain Your Import

Well known for expertise in financial matters, Forbes compiled lists of the 15 most and least expensive cars to repair. Interestingly, 11 of the 15 most expensive to repair over a 10-year span were imports, with repair costs ranging from $11,700 to a whopping $19,600. In comparison, 13 of the 15 vehicles with the lowest repair bills over a decade of driving were imports. Repair bills for those models ranged from $3,289 to $4,462. Performing routine services on a reasonable schedule can help you stretch your dollar because your car will run longer and need fewer repairs. Oil changes, for instance, are crucial. Fresh motor oil properly lubricates your moving engine parts, absorbs heat, and keeps debris and dirt particles away from your engine components where they can cause corrosion. Over time, motor oil breaks down, losing some of its essential properties and effectiveness. Continuing to run degraded oil leads to unnecessary engine wear. Checking and topping off fluids is another key factor. In addition to oil, your vehicle needs plenty of brake, transmission, and power steering fluid as well as antifreeze/coolant. Also, brake system inspection can head off small issues (such as needing brake pads) before they lead to bigger repairs (such as needing to replace rotors). And don’t forget the tires, wheels, and suspension system. Proper tire inflation and tread are crucial to both safety and the life of the tires. Periodically checking wheel alignment and correcting it if necessary saves your car from extreme tire wear and damage to suspension components.

Your Preventive Service Partner for Import Cars

Now that you see how much you can save (or lose!) given your attention to proper maintenance, you’ll likely want to schedule an appointment for routine service soon. At German Auto Repair, we’re here to help you keep your car in top shape, saving you repair bills and trouble over time.