MINI Cooper Problems To Know About


If you sport a MINI Cooper, you already know there’s a whole group of people who adore this little car. Some like the size and “cuteness,” while others appreciate the pep found in some of the more modern drive trains. Others fall in love with the trendsetting, yet retro interior that gives the feel of both old and new. Add modern electronics, and some liken the little vehicle to a gem on wheels. Like any make, however, the car is not without a few notable problems. Learn about the potential troubles and get great MINI Cooper repair at German Auto Repair in Watertown, CT.

Awareness Can Be Everything

The best way to head off problems is to be aware of them. For instance, there are many reports of loose timing chains (particularly prematurely–before you might expect something like that to happen). To combat this problem, bring in your car for routine service. If a technician spots the problem early, he/she can take care of that. Also, if you hear new noises or begin feeling vibration, let us check it out. These could also be signs of a loose timing chain. Left unaddressed, this issue can get worse and cause greater damage that will cost more to fix. Also, watch for water leaks. Some cars, especially those that have reached the 50,000 mile threshold, develop leaks around the thermostat housing or from the water pump. We can take care of that issue for you before your auto overheats. The power steering pump may also give trouble. In fact, this electric component was the subject of a recall in some earlier models. If you begin experiencing more difficult maneuverability, have the power steering pump checked. If it has to be replaced, also check the fan and other nearby parts. They’re within reach while the pump is off, and the fan along with low fluid is suspected to be the culprit leading to premature failure.

Also, beware of a burning odor. It could indicate a failing clutch in manual transmission models. This problem is most often reported in cars driving in high traffic areas where the clutch may be used/abused more frequently. Finally, talk with us about your transmission. The MINIs–especially the older models–show a greater-than-expected number of early automatic transmission failures. The manufacturer recommends that consumers not change the transmission fluid, while the majority of mechanics disagree, recommending periodic transmission service. We’ll be glad to discuss the pros and cons with you so that you can make a sound decision that you feel is best for your vehicle.

Reliable Assistance with Your MINI Cooper is Nearby

We understand that you love your little MINI Cooper–even if there are some known issues to watch for. We’ll help you head off trouble with preventive maintenance services and fix it when necessary. Thus, you can entrust all your MINI Cooper repairs to German Auto Repair.